Our Services

Here is a list of some of the services that we at Frank’s Tree Service Inc. offer:

Pruning/Dead Wooding: 
Used to decrease the height of a tree, removal of dead branches or obstructing branches, branches that pose safety issues, or simply for aesthetic purposes.

Complete Tree Removal: 

A tree can be removed for a wide variety of reasons.  It is a job that requires the knowledge and skill of an experienced professional and should not be attempted by the homeowner.

Stump Removal: 

This is the final step in removing a tree.  A mechanical stumper is used to grind the stump approximately 1 foot below ground level.


We are excited to announce the sale of a wide variety of mixed hardwoods.  Delivery is available at an additional charge.

Please call our 24 hour line or email us for further information of the service that you may require.